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NTR Garden Hyderabad

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NTR Garden Hyderabad

NTR Garden Hyderabad Timming

Day Timming
Monday 2:30 P.M - 8:30 P.M
Tuesday 2:30 P.M - 8:30 P.M
Wedesday 2:30 P.M - 8:30 P.M
Thursday 2:30 P.M - 8:30 P.M
Friday 2:30 P.M - 8:30 P.M
Saturday 12:30 P.M - 8:30 P.M
Sunday 12:30 P.M - 8:30 P.M

NTR Garden Hyderabad Entry Fees

Category Charges
Adult Entry Fees 20.Rs/ Adult
Children Entry Fees 10.Rs / Child
Camera / DSLR 30.Rs
Video Recorder / Handycam 65.Rs

NTR Garden Hyderabad

Ntr garden in Hyderabad is one of the famous attraction places for tourist in Hyderabad .it was approximately spread in 36 Acres of area. The garden is established in the year 2002 and is open for public visitors. Total cost is 40 crore Rs to build that garden. This Garden is built on the memories of Shri N T Rama Rao, who was most famous chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. The garden has a refreshing atmosphere to spread sometimes in the garden.

The garden has different kinds of zones to recreation for kids. Ntr garden Hyderabad also offers boat ride, roaring cascade, Japanese garden, fountain,etc.there was a big child playing area for kids of different ages. Ntr garden entrance gate is also a big decorative with Nandi bulls which attract visitors.

There is also an option of the mini train in one track which takes a tour of all garden to make your visit more interesting.Mr. Nitish Roy has a newly designed project in Ntr garden like Desert Garden. It has more than 150 different categories of plants. More of them are desert plants such as succulents, cacti, etc. This plant is useful at many places like pharma industries and herbal has carried here from different part of India.

The garden has been designed as per modern architectural which not only provide entertainment activity but also provide breathtaking natural surrounding activities. There is the best food court are available. This food court restaurant is spread in 2100 square meters. Restaurants have designed in Three petals shaped. There are also ponds offer water facilities but a great place to set. There are car cafes available in the garden at a primarily six seating capacity.

Another food court is one name of Machan Restaurant which is a unique tree shape multi-storeyed. It best construction a trunk is built with high-grade concrete and branches are created with fiberglass. Hole restaurant is painted in green grass color so that it looks like a real tree. there is also a different type of stall available which provide a different category of foods. This is the best place to enjoy and get relaxing.

NTR GARDEN in Hyderabad has located near to most popular place Hussain Sagar lake.NTR Garden Hyderabad is open all day of the week till 9:00 P.M.Entry Fees in NTR garden is very nominal like 15.Rs per adult and 10.Rs Below 12-year kids. The camera allows in the park but additional charge 30.Rs.If you want to carry a video camera then it's charge is 65.Rs per camera.

Overview Ntr Garden In Hyderabad

NTR Garden Hyderabad has great assortment of desert vegetation.It is claimed that these vegetation are from other areas of India.Several sorts of cactus together with other crops, Just about every plant is Employed in herbal medicines far too.No Destinations located for the selected filters Make sure you wait the sites of fascination are now being loaded.NTR Gardens is incredibly great place to go.There exists toy prepare inside; loads and plenty of trees, remarkable bonsai collection, even a fountain. It is gorgeous to take a look at.You will find sites in which you can just sit and enjoy.