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Mount Opera Theme park

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Mount Opera Theme park

Mount Opera Hyderabad Timming

Day Timming
Monday 11:00 A.M To 6:00 P.M
Tuesday 11:00 A.M To 6:00 P.M
Wedesday 11:00 A.M To 6:00 P.M
Thursday 11:00 A.M To 6:00 P.M
Friday 11:00 A.M To 6:00 P.M
Saturday 11:00 A.M To 6:00 P.M
Sunday 11:00 A.M To 6:00 P.M

Mount Opera Hyderabad Entry Fees

Category Charges
Adult 425.Rs/ Person
Children 330.Rs / Person
Senior Citizen 150.Rs / Person

Mount Opera Theme park

Mount Opera Theme Park Hyderabad is best tourist hangout place and it is nearly 4 kilometers away from a famous film city name is ramoji film city it is 35 to 38 kilometers away from Hyderabad city.It is Locate at Hyderabad and Vijayawada, Andrapradesh highway.It was the best theme park with lots of things to do.This is the best Tourism location but not a part of Hyderabad tourism.It is a part of Andhra Pradesh Tourism but this park never compromises in fun quality.

Spread over a territory of 55 sections of land, the Mount Opera is one of the unique the travel industry unit which has been picked by the Andhra Pradesh Department of Tourism. This further guarantees the nature of administrations and offices offered at this multi amusement park or resort. Also, the amusement park has the reinforcement of Sreemitra Estate Pvt. Ltd which guarantee worldwide benchmarks of the administrations.

    Rides Charges in Mount opera Are Below :
  • Go-Karting - 90.Rs/person
  • Bumper Cars - 30.Rs/person
  • Thrillarium - 45.Rs/person
  • Boating - 40.Rs On 2 seat
  • Bungee Jumping - 30.Rs /person

Rides in Mount Opera Theme Park-Arranged on the slope top, Mount Opera Hyderabad gives its guests changing sorts of watersports just as dry rides. A portion of the dry rides here are Skating Rink, Toy Train, Merry-Go-Round, Merry Cups, Slam Bob, Columbus, Sliding Ring, Skating Rink, Striking Cars, Tele-Combat, Ferris wheel, Go-Karting, and so on. The Oasis Zone water world offers a scope of water recreations and slides. There are numerous grown-ups slides, waves pool alongside a different children and family pool, which make the experience all the additionally energizing. There are likewise offices of sailing and downpour move. A portion of the decisions of Indoor amusements here at Mount Opera are Billiards, Table Tennis, Carrom, Cards Room, Chess, and so forth.

If you Planning for More Than fifty person Than you can request Mount Opera Theme Park you find the best deal and for a picnic, there are food facilities available as per demand.

There are both types of rides available water rides and dry rides.

Mount Opera in Hyderabad Tourism

Alongside this, for those keen on making their evenings likewise significant, Mount Opera has discotheque for making your night energetic and charming. For the gathering sweethearts, it offers a perfect time to attempt a couple of moving motion pictures at the probably the best pulsates.

In the Mount Opera complex there is an open auditorium too which offers a 1500 seating limit. Numerous exhibitions including kids projects and dramatizations are frequently sorted out here. Its phenomenal lighting and acoustics offices make it a perfect setting for the projects.

Mount Opera Hyderabad offers a scope of convenience offices, going from suites to bungalows, each well-outfitted with all the cutting edge civilities. For those visitors who need to proceed with their wellness schedules even while on break, there is bodyline Gymnasium with offices of Sauna, Massages alongside direction from the specialists.

Mount Opera additionally shows a wide exhibit of culinary decisions. Cafés Mount View, offers bona fide Indian eatery while Omar Khayyam is a multi cooking eatery and Dolphin is a family café. One can likewise unwind and relax around in the midst of the crisp smell of espresso at Lotus Coffee Shop. You can likewise look over different Mount Opera bundles – Weekend bundles and occasional bundles and travel at your pace without agonizing over anything.

The passage expense for Mount Opera carnival is Rs. 150 for each individual for senior residents, while Rs. 435 for each individual for grown-ups and Rs. 330 for each individual for kids. There are discrete charges for a portion of the rides too. Passage timings at the Mount Opera event congregation are from are 11 am – 6 pm or 10 am to 7 pm.

Overview Of why Travel to Mount Opera Theme park

You Can Suppose Toy Train, Skating Rink, Merry Cups, Slam Bob, Merry-Go-Round, Columbus, Skating Rink, Sliding Ring, Striking Cars, Go-Karting, Tele-Combat, Ferris wheel are calculated in dry rides.

water rides are in oasis zone water world there are many water games and slides.

This is differentiated in two parts for family and for kids.

This thing makes you memorable memories.

A rain Dance and Boating with families are enjoyable things in a theme park.

If you love to play Indore games than no worries there are many different types of indoor games available like Table Tennis, Carrom, Cards Room, Billiards, Chess and many more.

Everyone has a different taste of enjoyment so Mount Opera also consider things for a youngster thats why it has a discotheque for parties in the night time.

It was the best place for party lovers to dancing on high volume different beats.

Who usually like to see drama and stage programme so here it is an open theatre which organized many performance and drama program with 1500 capacity of seating.

This is the best acoustic facilities in this open theater with great lighting.

If You Plan for more than one day than Mount Opera Hyderabad provides a wide range of stay facilities as per your budget.

Available different suits with modern amenities and also cottages are available with Gymnasium and sauna massage facilities.

Mount Opera is on hilltop restaurants available which create a great view for an evening at lotus coffee shop.

There is Multi cuisine restaurant name as an Omar Khayyam and Family restaurant name as a Dolphin.

Mount Opera in Hyderabad Tourism

They have different weekdays and weekend packages you can choose as per your requirement.

Make my vacation is usually a dishonest business.

Took the money and never offered the accommodation.

Resulting from is me and my relatives unfastened revenue and time.

Also, wrestle lots.

Just four km far away from the Ramoji Movie town, it lies over the Hyderabad-Vijayawada freeway.

Nearest Airport to mount opera multi-theme park resort Closest Railway Station to mount opera multi-theme park vacation resort.

Places to visit around mount opera multi-theme park resort Restaurants about mount opera multi-theme park resort.

Things to do around mount opera multi-theme park vacation resort Inns all-around mount opera multi-topic park vacation resort how to achieve

This furthermore guarantees the standard of solutions and services offered at this multi-theme park or vacation resort.

Continue to be in shape and healthy by Performing out in the vacation.

The resorts completely Geared up fitness center and following a tiring day.

Attendees may take a dip into an indoor swimming pool with the home.

The vacation resorts rooms are distinctly modern with some pleasant touches of fantastic interiors and chic furniture.