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Botanic Garden Hyderabad

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Botanical Gardens Hyderabad

Botanical Gardens Timming

Day Timming
Monday 5:30 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 5:30 am – 6:00 pm
Wedesday 5:30 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 5:30 am – 6:00 pm
Friday 5:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 5:30 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 5:30 am – 6:00 pm

Botanical Gardens Entry Fees

category Monthly Pass yearly Pass
Child 400.Rs 1500.Rs
Adult 400.Rs 1500.Rs
Senior Citizen 400.Rs 1000.Rs

Botanical Gardens charges

Particulars Charge
Adult Entry 25.Rs
Child Entry 10.Rs
Adult Garbage cleaning 20.Rs
Children Garbage cleaning 05.Rs
photo Shoot (per person /couple) 3000.Rs / 5 hrs (every additional hours 1000.Rs Add)
Natural Photo Graphy ( 5.A.M To 8.A.M) 500.Rs
Cinema Shooting 25000.Rs / Day
Cinema Shooting 15000.Rs / Half Day
Cinema Shooting 3000.Rs / Hour
Vedio / Tv Shooting 10000.Rs / Day
Vedio / Tv Shooting 6000.Rs / Half Day
Vedio / Tv Shooting 2000.Rs / Hour
Cinema Shooting Vehicle Allow Free 4 Vehicles
Vedio / Tv Shooting Vehicle Allow Free 2 Vehicles
Additional Vehicle Charge For 4 Wheeler 500.Rs /Each
Additional Vehicle Charge For 2 Wheeler 250.Rs /Each
Garbage cleaning charge for shooting Full Day 2000.Rs
Garbage cleaning charge for shooting Half Day 1000.Rs
2 wheeler Parking 10.Rs / 4 Hours (After 4 Hours 5.Rs / Hour)
4 wheeler Parking 20.Rs / 4 Hours (After 4 Hours 10.Rs / Hour)
Mini Bus Parking 40.Rs / 4 Hours (After 4 Hours 20.Rs / Hour)
Big Bus Parking 100.Rs / 4 Hours (After 4 Hours 50.Rs / Hour)
Inside Car Parking 1000.Rs

Botanical Gardens Hyderabad

Botanical garden Hyderabad is developed by the forest department and located 16-kilometer distance from old city Hyderabad and it is near to the hi-tech city in Madhapur area. It is very refreshing sightseeing with lots of greenery, grass and beautiful flowers.

The Kothaguda Forest has been reserve land 120 acres for a botanical garden. This Garden is divided into 19 vanams sectors. At the opening time, it has only 5 sectors of different kinds of flora. There is such a different type of plants like medicinal plants, fruit plants, bamboos palm tree, timber tree, and ornamental plants. There are many types of aquatic plants variety in the garden.

Botanical Garden overview

Considerations To Know About Botanical Gardens Hyderabad.

The region is comparable to a dry deciduous forest with rock formations, such as Deccan Plateau in Botanical Gardens Hyderabad.

It truly is studded with pine and eucalyptus trees.

The bamboo and palm sectors are pleasant walks.

Innumerable species of bouquets are identify in this article.

In addition to being an eco-tourism project by the government.

it is also utilize as a storehouse for plants that are use for scientific and research applications.

It usually aims to deliver general public consciousness with regards to plant conservation.

Avid horticulturists and holidaymakers with organic environmentally friendly.

Thumbs will probably be happy to know that after they elect to pay a visit to Hyderabad, they may already have a spot watching for them.

The Hyderabad Botanical Garden is actually a hundred and twenty-acre area of land inside the Kothaguda.

Reserve Forest In particular allotted to maintain different kinds of vegetation and trees.

Both of those to be appreciat by foreseeable future generations and likewise to coach the people.

This Garden is the best place for the people who tiered with pollution and rush life of the city. It was the best-designed garden for relaxing refreshing atmosphere with water fountains. This Garden is Near to the Hitech city of Hyderabad which is full of work and rush life so everyone can come here and enjoy the lush greenery of grass flowers, trees, fountains and many more things. this garden is also used for storage of a new variety of plants which can use in different purposes like researchers and many more.

About Botanical garden in hyderabad

Botanical garden Hyderabad has approx 605 variety of different category plants. Garden has a major area separated for visitors. Because of Different plants greenery, flowers and trees many types of birds are arriving which make a more beautiful atmosphere of a garden. The bamboo sector is separated in the garden because it a major contribution sector to make a garden more attractive because of every bamboo have specific scientific signboard name and name of generic trees. A second popular sector in botanical garden Hyderabad is palm sector because it has a wide range of different type flowers like purple, red Roselia, yellow, blue salvia and end numbers of flowers type which are seen first time in life by many make a place more beautiful for high-quality pictures grabbing moment place. There is also rock formation with natural water bodies as well.

Some people are come to the botanical garden Hyderabad because of relaxing from city life pollution and vehicle sound noise in the road of the city. The garden management also organizes a guided tour for those people who come for bird watching and walks. The shahi family constructed Golconda fort is the place nearby botanical garden.

Botanical Gardens Hyderabad

It initially was open with 5 sectors constituting of assorted types of flora.

which include medicinal plants, ornamental crops, fruit and timber trees, bamboos, palm trees in addition to a wide range of aquatic plants.

I took my Young children there, we could study quite a bit about a lot of trees, Every single tree has its title and description on it.

There is an area for the youngsters to Enjoy too, I personally preferred the bamboo sector most.

Every one of the bamboo trees has precise signboard While using the scientific identify and generic identify of your trees.

A further preferred sector of your Botanical Back garden is definitely the Palm sector.

Variety of bouquets which include yellow and purple, blue Salvia, pink Roselia and several far more can make the area all the more appealing and picturesque.

Along with meadows, it was establish with sufficient of Room for water bodies and natural rock formations in addition.

We went there last thirty day period. A botanical garden is a place where you can relax your stress.

There is a consuming facility, parking as well.

Whenever you go inside botanical backyard, just select a bench, sit there and listen to birds.

The land for the botanical garden has long been allott in during the Kothaguda Reserve Forest for the objective of preserving organic flora and fauna.

Botanical Gardens Hyderabad Tourism

Everyone can enjoy the beauty of the botanical garden after paying a nominal entry fees charge. Entry fees are very nominal just like a per person who can enjoy every moment of natural beauty in a garden on time of 9.a.m opening to 8.p.m closing. There are also some paid water and food facilities are available for visitors in the garden.

To reach botanical garden is not a major issue because the public transportation bus is available from Secunderabad to Kondapur. You have to travel from gachibowli highway it was near to the area of Madhapur where a botanical garden is located.

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